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wsrp-interfaces message

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Subject: Groups - Interfaces concall modified

Interfaces concall has been modified by Mr Michael Freedman

Date:  Thursday, 22 February 2007
Time:  08:00am - 09:30am PT

Event Description:
1-888-967-2253 or +44 118 924 9000 (Europe)
meeting ID: 345337
passcode: 060606

1) Joint WSRP/JSR 286 F2F
2) Continue WSRP 2.0 reopening discussion/issues.

   1.  Rich taking notes for the meeting
   2. Joint F2F meeting with JSR286?
         1. Subbu: This impacts those with visa requirements.
         2. Rich: Since it would be a joint meeting, recommend doing the visa process from the already scheduled JSR F2F and the WSRP meeting would simply be an aside.
         3. Mike: Regardless of whether we decide to delay v2, a joint meeting to align solutions would make sense.
         4. How to make this overlapping rather than completely joint?
   3. Is v2 closed at this point?
         1. Mikes sent an email summarizing open discussion issues along with his take on answers.
         2. Primary question is whether to align v2 with JSR 286 or seek to quickly turn around a 2.1.
               1. Subbu: Particularly for non-Java implementations, delaying for the JSR seems somewhat unfair.
               2. Rich: IBMs internal process is now awaiting lawyers to contact WebCollage.
               3. Rich: There is also a marketplace issue with having v2 this spring/summer and a v2.1 next winter/spring.
               4. The IPR issues are certainly going to cause us to miss submitting on March 15th
                     1. Rich: This could allow us to deal with the 2 open discussions about whether the in-protocol gR is broken during the delay caused by the legal reviews.
                     2. Mike: And the F2F could make the final decision of whether or not to submit v2 on Aptil 15th.
                     3. Subbu: There are questions about whether those two items even rise to the high bar we have put for changing v2.
               5. Two issues related to public review comments:
                     1. Client request/response meta data treatment for in-protocol getResource()
                           1. Mike: There have been no comments on the proposal Rich posted.
                           2. Mike: Is this enough of an issue (impacting a large enough set of use cases) to cause interoperability issues?
                           3. Straw poll:
                                 1. Subbu & Mike C not in favor of including this in v2
                                 2. Rich, Mike F, Wesley & Satish in favor of including it.
                     2. Client resource caching when using in-protocol getResource()
                           1. Mike: Summary is whether to have resource URLs indicate whether or not the resource will include portlet URLs
                           2. Subbu: Couldnt this be indicated by the Producer indicating such a resource is not cacheable?
                           3. Mike, Rich: If the Consumer has no idea, wont such resources always use such a narrow cache key (i.e. URI) that it will never be hit again?
                           4. Rich: Would like to see a more full fledged proposal ASAP.
                           5. Straw poll:
                                 1. Subbu, Mike F, Wesley & Mike C not in favor of including this in v2
                                 2. Rich & Satish in favor of including it.
                           6. Rich to post a proposal as a spec extract.
               6. Move the next TC call to March 8th. Decide whether or not to include either of these proposals into v2 after polling about internal processes concerning v2 IPR.
   4. Next Interfaces SC call on March 1st. Main topics will be discussing the two posted proposals.

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  Michael Freedman

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