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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] Sample portlet summary

All of these portlets support cloning.  All of them also support EDIT mode/personalization [essentially you can customize the name/title].

Eric Xu wrote:
Hi, Mike,
    It looks like there's no portlet that supports cloning.  Is that true?  If so, is Oracle going to provide such a portlet for interop testing purpose?  
    BTW, last time you got back to me on the chart portlet's cookie setting issue.  I think what you mentioned was exactly I was missing, but I haven't got a chance to try it yet.  Thanks for your response.
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From: Michael Freedman [mailto:Michael.Freedman@oracle.com]
Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 5:08 PM
To: wsrp-interop
Subject: [wsrp-interop] Sample portlet summary

   As we discussed during the last concall, here is a summary of the Sample portlets Oracle provides on its public site.  I will be updating this summary to include descriptions of sampels from other vendors.  This hopefully will allow us to discuss which/whether these samples are appropriate for Interoperability demonstrations.

Summary of Oracle WSRP portlets [Note: all portlets are implemented to the JSR 168 APIs vs native WSRP]:

Chart portlet:
This portlet renders a pie chart divided into 2 sections each rendering with a different color.  There are two buttons "left" and "right".  Clicking "left" increases the % of the pie of the left portion. Clicking "right" increase the % of the pie of the right portion.

The primary purpose of this portlet is to demonstrate how WSRP resource links work when the resource is dynamic and depends on [http] session state that is set in the portlet's action processing.  

Lottery portlet:
This portlet chooses a set of numbers to play in the California lottery.  The numbers are static images of [numbered] lottery balls.  The numbers change each time the portlet renders. In addition the portlet renders an identity of the user.   

The primary purpose of this portlet is to demonstrate how WSRP resource links work when the resource is static.  It additionally shows how the UserContextKey can be used as one form of identity of the user.

CSS portlet:
This portlet demonstrates the value/use of the WSRP CSS "standards".  The portlet renders using many of the WSRP CSS classes.

The primary purpose of this portlet is to demonstrate how using the WSRP CSS "standards" gives you an integrated look in the consumer application.  This portlet should look different in different consumers as consumer stylesheets are mapped to the "standards".  

Hello World portlet:
This portlet renders a "personalized" hello message to the user followed by information from that user's profile.

The primary purpose of this portlet is to demonstrate WSRP "User Profile Attributes".

Cache Test portlet:
This portlet renders a persistent property maintained count [with an ability to increment/decrement the count], the current navigational state [with an ability to switch between two states], and the current date and time.  The portlet sets a cache expiry of 1 minute.

This portlet demonstrates expiry based caching and for those consumers that support it, action invalidation of the cache.  It also demonstrate using persistent property state and navigational state. Rerendering the page this portlet is contained in within the expiry period results in the page rendering from the cache.  I.e. the date/time [and other values] are unchanged.  In consumers that support it, clicking either the increment/decrement buttons or the change navigational state buttons invalidates the cache and renders the new portlet content.  This is depicted by a rendition reflecting the new state and nwe date/time.

Form submission portlet:
This portlet renders a form along with the submit button.  When the submit button is clicked the form values are processed as an action and saved in a session.  On render, the form is cleared/rerendered. This is followed by rendering the current saved values at the bottom of the portlet.

This portlet demonstrates WSRP separation of action and rendering.

Session portlet:
This portlet displays the number of times the portlet has been rendered for the current user.  It maintains this render count in a session.

This portlet provides a simple demonstration of WSRP sessions.

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