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Subject: [wsrp-interop] sample portlets

Here is the list of our example portlets: title + handle + short description (list from http:/andrek.dyndns.org/NETlets/list.aspx):

Portlet Portlet1 WSRP_Portlets:Portlet1
The Portlet displays a graph image which the user can modify by selecting the "Left" and "Right" buttons.

Portlet Portlet2a WSRP_Portlets:Portlet2a
The Portlet displays a form which when submitted initializes shared session state data accessed by Portlet 2b.

Portlet Portlet2b WSRP_Portlets:Portlet2b
The Portlet accesses shared session state data initialized by Portlet 2a.

Portlet Portlet3 WSRP_Portlets:Portlet3
The Portlet displays the number of times the Portlet has been rendered during the session.

Portlet Portlet4 WSRP_Portlets:Portlet4
The Portlet prompts the user to enter their nickname and age using a secure connection if enabled.

Portlet Portlet5a WSRP_Portlets:Portlet5a
The Portlet displays a JavaScript GBP/EUR Currency Convertor.

Portlet Portlet5b WSRP_Portlets:Portlet5b
The Portlet displays the web browser details when invoked by the user.

Portlet Portlet6 WSRP_Portlets:Portlet6
The Portlet displays Portlet Cascading Style Sheet properties.

Portlet Portlet7 WSRP_Portlets:Portlet7
The Portlet displays the date and time cached for a period of time specified by the user.

Portlet ExamplePortlet WSRP_Portlets:ExamplePortlet
Example Portlet

Portlet ExamplePortlet uri:NETlet:portlet:Main
The original Test Portlet

Consumer side, we currently only have a test page: http://andrek.dyndns.org/NETlets/page.aspx

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