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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: BEA's sample portlets


Here is a description of the sample portlets deployed on BEA's test 

* All these portlets are struts style apps.

* It is possible to interact with these apps either via a WSRP consumer, 
or directly (with URLs pointing to the producer). The apps behave the 
same in either case. This illustrates the point that WSRP can facilitate 
such a webapp runtime.

* The test consumer is read-only, and we're planning to deploy a 
customizable version in a few weeks.

The portlets are

* Hello World: A very simple portlet with an image and flow between two 

* Create Account: Shows flow with form submissions and actions. This 
portlet manages the submitted data in the session.

* Login: Portlet to login to the producer webapp. As long as the 
consumer is able to participate in the producer session, the user can 
stay authenticated.

* Redirect: Shows redirect during a blocking interaction.

* File Upload: Can upload upto two files. The consumer has a limit on 
the size of the upload stream.

* Rewriting: This portlet shows various URL rewriting features.



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