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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: Putting the demo together

December 10th is fast approaching [the date of Rich's talk and interop demo].  We need to make significant progress over the next few weeks on getting a demo page together so he can prepare a script.  As last we discussed I suggested a number of features it would be good to be able to demonstrate.  Now we need to put together a collection of portlets containing these features [from different producers] into a single page.  To refresh your memory on the types of features we discussed I have appended my original e-mail below.  

Anyway can folks who have portlets to contribute publish them for viewing/use so I can make a preliminary cut for us to discuss during next weeks conference call?  What I need is a link to a page containing each of the potential portlets [so I can see/try them out to evaluate them] and the URL to the WSDL [so I can build a first cut sample page].  To set a deadline I need this by end of day next Monday [17th].  For those of you with producers but no consumer please use the Oracle consumer at portalstandards.oracle.com or an equivalent.

For an example of what I am looking for look at the following page.  This is a page containing each of the sample Oracle portlets hosted on portalstudio.oracle.com.

As promised aboev here is the list of important features to demonstrate:
Fundamental features of WSRP
a) Portlet display -- already demonstrated by above -- this demonstration should show [some] use of WSRP styles so consumer UI consistency can be touched upon.
b) Portlet actions -- need a portlet with an action
c) Portlet customizations -- need a portlet that can be customized
d) Portlet Modes -- demonstrated as part of (c)


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