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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] Template Processing empty values (was: Sun producerthrowing NPE when UserContext is nil?)

David Chiu <david.chiu@sun.com> wrote on 04/01/2004 02:16:27 AM:

> Richard,
> I will look into this.  On a related question, when performing producer
> side rewrite, producer MUST replace "{wsrp-userContextKey}" in a
> template to the userContextKey of the request.  If UserContext is nil,
> what should producer do in this case?  The spec does not seem to address
> this situation.

We had this discussion back in November and indeed missed to bring this
forward again to the TC.
Rich, I would suggest we either handle this as errata (which I would
prefer) or bring it up as an interfaces feature.

Basically we agreed that we want to have a well defined, rigorous behaviour
For now we said that an empty value like this is placed as an empty string
"" into the template.
However Consumer might need to be prepared to handle a non-substitution or
an empty string for now.

Here is what we discussed back then (from our minutes):

1. Template processing: When Producer doesn’t have a value for a portlet
url parameter, what value should be the resulting url?
1.a. Leave {parameter} or replace “” or a reserved word value (wsrp:null)?
1.a.i.      Andre has URL prep logic that just places what it has when
processing a template for producing the URL. For unexpected parameters,
this leaves the other {parameter} in place.
1.a.ii.     Preference for guidance that Producers replace all {parameter}
tokens, using “” for unknown values.
1.b.  Consumer should protect itself and be prepared for both for v1.0.
1.c.  Plan to revisit for v1.1 – preference for a more rigorous approach.
1.d.  Rich to draft a change request proposal for consideration before
proposing to the TC.


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