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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] fault details

My understanding is that the detail element must include (not sure if it 
should be the first) the namespaced fault for JAX-RPC and Axis to throw 
typed exceptions on faults.

But these stacks don't seem to care if there are additional elements in 
the detail.


jeff said the following on 04/06/2004 12:06 PM:
> sorry, could you explain a little further? when you say that oracle's 
> jaxrpc impl has problems, what approach were you using that failed, and 
> what approach are you using now (if any)?
> do you mean that you tried adding additional application fault fields, 
> and you reverted to using the soap fault "details"?
> Andre Kramer wrote:
>> The JAX-RPC implementation used by Oracle had problems with additional 
>> elements so we are limited to those defined for SOAP 1.1. for now.
>> regards,
>> Andre
>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: jeff [mailto:Jeff.Blattman@Sun.COM]
>> Sent: 05 April 2004 23:40
>> To: wsrp-interop@lists.oasis-open.org
>> Subject: [wsrp-interop] fault details
>> hello,
>> can someone explain why the WSRP fault types do not have a details,
>> reason, cause, message, etc field?
>> we've noticed that the faults from BEA's producers come across with a
>> "details" section in the soap fault. this is most helpful and we'd like
>> to replicate that behavior. however, since the wsrp fault types do not
>> have such a field this producer must be doing something like inserting
>> the details manually into the soap fault, or modifying the wsrp types to
>> include details.
>> it is also possible that the producer's implementation causes the WSRP
>> fault types to extend SOAPFaultException, which allows details to be
>> added. however, we are using jaxrpc and our jaxrpc expert assures us
>> that this violates the spec ... all application faults must extend
>> Exception.
>> any help is appreciated.
>> thanks.
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