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Subject: [wsrp-interop] Consumer Persistent State Clarification

In section 6.1.3, it states the following:
"If the portletState field has a value, the Consumer MUST return this value on subsequent calls using the same portletHandle."
Does this mean that either of the following are not acceptable?
1.  The Consumer portal creates two portlets, A and B, and places them on a page.  Both of these portlets map to a single CCP on the producer.  The consumer persists separate opaque state for each portlet, but associates the state with the same portlet handle allowing use of the same CCP.  
2.  The Consumer portal creates a portlet and associates it with a single CCP.  For each user in the system, the Consumer persists seperate opaque state associated with the portlet.  Therefore, for each user, when making calls to the producer, the same portlet handle is used, but with different opaque state.
Essentially, the question comes down cloning expectations.  Is it completely up to the Consumer when a wsrp portlet is cloned and, therefore, making it legal to send different portlet state with a particular portel handle, or, is the Consumer required to request a clone every time it needs to persist different state for the same portlet?

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