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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: Sun Producer interop test

Thanks to those who helped us test the Sun Java System Portal Server 
based WSRP Producer and especailly for your feedback and comments.  We 
have fixed most of the interop related problems that we are aware of and 
have applied those fixes to the interop machine.

We would appreciate if you could once again try to perform the interop 
tests between your Consumers and Sun Proudcer and let us know any 
outstanding issues.  Please make sure that you also try and modify the 
preferences on the published portlets (for example, adding a note to the 
notepad portlet).

Again, the Producer WSDL URL is:


Currently, there is one problem that we are aware of (this one is due to 
an issue on the Portlet itself).

   Trying to save a new timezone in the edit mode of the ShowTime Portlet.

Thanks once again for your help.


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