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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] cloning bahaviour


>  > Firstly, the Producer has a chance to
>  > make state changes. Secondly, with the interpretation you present, the
>  > consumer first makes a call with cloneBeforeWrite, gets a fault, clones,
>  > and then repeats the pbia. This is more work for the Consumer and more
>  > waiting time for the end user.
> Correct, but the spec allows that and might ease Producer implementations
> and puts a burdon on the Consumer side (what we always did).

I agree that the spec places such burden in the case of session/cookie 
faults, but the spec was more explicit about those.

But I still don't see the connection between StateChangeRequired fault 
and cloning from the consumer's perspective. What we need is perhaps a 
"CloneRequired" fault to unambiguously indicate that the consumer must 
clone and retry.


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