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Subject: Re: [wsrp-interop] cloneBeforeWrite on POP

Hi Avi,

"Klein, Avi" <avi.klein@sap.com> wrote on 09/02/2004 12:24:37 PM:

> Hi All,
> Following the discussion on the CCP, what is the policy regarding POP.
> Is it valid to try and perform BI on a POP with indication of
> cloneBeforeWrite?
sure, this is the intent of cbw.
My understanding of cbw is:
Consumer wants to prevent the producer to make persistent tate changes on
an entity (be it POP or CCP - I know you can't write to a POP).
If the portlet needs to do a change and the flag is cbw then the
consumer/portlet must take care and impicitly clone the portlet and then
apply the state change to the new clone (or thwrow a fault if they can't
handle it correctly, or clone apriori if they can't prevent the portlet
from writing, etc.)
Consumer must take care to set this flag only if they really want to obtain
a new clone in case of a state change.
I.e. accessing a CCP for one user with cbw set, will eventually result in a
new clone and waste resources.

> How do your producers treat such a request? Do they throw a fault or do
> clone?
we clone for you like requested.

cheers Richard

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