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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: Webligic Portal 9.2 Beta Producer available for interop testing

In order to ensure our upcoming 9.2 release maintains interoperability with non BEA consumers, we are making several producers available for testing.

producer (main producer):

  • WSDL: http://wsrp.bea.com:7001/producer/producer?WSDL
  • Registration Required: true
    • Registration property: registration/consumerRole must be one of (most to least restricted):
      • public
      • partner
      • insider
  • Rewriting: Producer (URL templates)
  • Method Get supported: false
  • Portlets:
    • public, partner and insider:
      • How To: A portlet which describes how to user the other portlets
      • Hello World: A simple portlet with 1 perform blocking interaction and the following modes:
        • Edit
        • Help
        • Design (custom)
      • Portlet Prefs: Allows portlet preferences to be edited either via the portlet management interface or edit mode by the end-user
    •  partner and insider:
      • Select Character Set: Will encode the markup in the user's chosen character set
      • Upload Files: Upload a file to the server via a multi-part form
      • P3P User Properties: Display a hello message based on the user's name and gender
      • Redirect: Redirects the browser
    • insider only
      • Create User Account: Create a user's account for use in the login portlet
      • Login: Login using an account created with the "Create User Account" portlet





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