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wsrp-interop message

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Subject: Clarification/Verification

For template URLs, the spec says:


“The following portlet URL parameters are defined for the purpose of enabling a Consumer's templates to be generic to a Producer. If the Consumer includes wsrp-portletHandle, wsrp-userContextKey, wsrpportletInstanceKey, wsrp-sessionID, wsrp-portletStates, or wsrp-pageState in a template, Producer written URLs based on that template MUST replace the specified portlet URL parameter with the value the Consumer separately supplied in a data field.”


wsrp-portletHandle                     PortletContext               portletHandle

wsrp-userContextKey                UserContext                  userContextKey

wsrp-portletInstanceKey             RuntimeContext             portletInstanceKey

wsrp-sessionID                          SessionParams             sessionID

wsrp-pageState                          RuntimeContext             pageState

wsrp-portletStates                      RuntimeContext             portletStates


Does that mean if I create a new sessionID it does not get set on a template URL until the consumer passes it to me in subsequent requests?




Nader Oteifa


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