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Subject: Re: [wsrp][wsrp-markup] FW: WSRP CSS Questions

Intertwined with <rt/>

Rich Thompson

"Kropp, Alan" <Alan.Kropp@vignette.com>
03/05/2003 02:24 PM
        To:     Rich Thompson/Watson/IBM@IBMUS, Chris Braun 
        cc:     "'wsrp-markup@lists.oasis-open.org'" 
        Subject:        [wsrp][wsrp-markup] FW: WSRP CSS Questions

Rich and Chris,

Here are some rather detailed questions regarding the CSS classes that a 
engineer here forwarded to me.  I don't know whether we have answers to
some/all of these at this time, and perhaps that needs to wait for the
wsrp-markup group to reconvene?  Let me know how we should proceed, 



Here are some questions/comments about the CSS classes for the WSRP group:

1- The 'portlet-section-header' class implies 2 mutually exclusive uses; 
the formatting for the header row of a table and as a section header. In 
case of the table header row it will be very common that the portal will
specify a background-color, but then the color would show up for the 
headers where it is not commonly desired. Is this an indented behavior?

<rt>From my CSS experience, the difference between these two could exploit 
the difference in tags. For the header row of a table, the class should be 
on a <tr> while I would expect it on tags such as <div> or <td> for 
section headers</rt>

2- The 'portlet-section-footer' class has the same problem as #1.

3- How do the classes 'portlet-form-input-field' and 'portlet-form-field'

<rt>portlet-form-field has a description that says "Text for a field (not 
input field, e.g. checkboxes, etc)" so I would say it applies to radio 
buttons, checkboxes, etc</rt>

4- What is a "context dependent action icon" as mentioned in the 
of the 'portlet-icon-label' class?

<rt>I think this is a reference to icons like one often sees on toolbars 
these days. They only appear when appropriate, but share a common style 
for text, etc</rt>

5- There is no provision in the classes for a sorted column header.

<rt>Do you want to propose an addition to the table in 10.5.4?</rt>

6- It is fairly common to have multiple 'special' rows within a table of
data. It would be useful to have some 'special' row color classes. 

<rt>Are you suggesting adding portlet-section-rowType1 to 
portlet-section-rowType5 or so?</rt>

7- There are no provisions for the formatting of navigation trails within
the portlet's views.


8- The specified classes will require the portlet HTML to have many class
declarations. It would be better to use descendant classes to simplify the
HTML and reduce the file size.

<rt>Not sure what exactly is meant here. Descendant classes still 

9- It is very surprising that the <a> tag is not customizable via the WSRP
classes. In web applications it is very common to customize anchors so 
they do not have a 'visited' color.  It is also common to use css classes 
control the hover behavior of the links to give a more interactive

<rt>The comment in the spec is that base CSS already has .hover, etc 
support and therefore explicit classes are not needed at the WSRP 

10- It would be very useful to have a reference stylesheet and sample
portlet HTML that could be used as an example for development and testing.

<rt>agreed ... it seems like that has been proposed, but no one has agreed 
to actually produce one.</rt>


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