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Subject: Re: WSRP CSS Documentation

Hi Noah, I believe you have just run into the primary reason behind 
our Subcommittee--the paucity of specific classes, documentation and 
best practices. We have a meeting tomorrow morning, and I will add 
this to the agenda. If I get the time, which is unlikely, I will try 
to search through the minutes of last years' TC meetings for the 
first few lists of classes (which were from Epicentric, btw, so Alan 
might also have them somewhere in his archives).

I think this comprises one of the major tasks assigned to us last 
week, but since I was ill for that particular session, I can't say 
for certain. I am copying our list with this in case Andre or someone 
else can fill in the gaps for me. I know this falls under the "Markup 
Fragment Rules" we are especially tasked with clarifying.

>Is there any documentation for the usage of the WSRP CSS classes?
>I'm working on developing a workable 'bridge' between the WSRP classes and
>Vignette's current classes. But I'm finding the descriptions of the classes
>in the spec are a bit vague, and in some cases contradictory.
>Ideally there would be a sample HTML and CSS file to illustrate the intended
>usage, is there such a beast?
>Vignette's content management and portal solutions enable organizations to
>rapidly build, manage and deploy Web applications for the real-time

Rex Brooks
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