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wsrp-markup message

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Subject: Re: [wsrp-markup] Today's call

Sorry, I didn't get around to this before your meeting today.  From your 
prior message to me this week you seem to think we need a major revision 
to our CSS classes.  I suggest this be evaluated/discussed at the whole 
TC level with respect to its impact on 1.0.  I.e. do you have a 
version/revision/upgrade plan?  Would it be better to delay 1.0 in lieu 
of the future changes and just improve it now?
Anyway can you add this to this/next weeks TC agenda -- I sure don't 
want to release 1.0 if we think a portion of it is damaged yet don't 
have an upgrade plan.

Rex Brooks wrote:

> Thanks for the note, Rich. We will take note of this, and discuss it.
> Ciao,
> Rex
> At 7:54 AM -0400 6/11/03, Rich Thompson wrote:
>> Rex,
>> I will not be able to make today's call as I need to take a son to a 
>> doctor appointment.
>> I do intend to regularly participate in the markup SC and am 
>> particularly interested in the CSS class discussion. As a basic 
>> reminder, the portlet-table-* set of classes were created because 
>> people found the mapping of the more general portlet-section-* 
>> classes to be problematic. We should debate whether changing the 
>> descriptions in the spec are worth it at this time (we would need to 
>> recommend the exact changes as an errata item) or whether elaborated 
>> discussion in the primer will suffice for v1.
>> Rich Thompson

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