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wsrp-primer message

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Subject: Today's meeting

Hi Folks,

I had a whack at the new requirement for discussing/explaining the 
motivation or reasons for having features. I added a sectionm 4.4 to 
the Service Interface Section and added the matching explanatory 
paragraphs and additions to the first couple of paragraphs in Section 
5 Registration Interface. I did this mostly because it was the first 
one I came to, rather than Markup Interface because I really am that 
lazy. However, I also did it because I didn't want to go into the 
kind of intense thinking that comes when working on my own section 
(in terms of responsibility) which is inevitable and unavoidable for 

I simply wouldn't have had the time to get a good start on Markup 
while I could genuinely focus on just getting the gist of the 
comments about motivation into the start Registration Interface 
section. This was necessary since I managed to double book this 
morning and didn't notice until late yesterday, after a number of 
fairly major developments which you will hear about later related to 
the vote on CAP and WSS (demo stuff for CAP/WSRP/ebXML Registry 
combined for XML 2004).

I have a physical therapy session scheduled for 9 am Pacific Time, so 
I can't guarantee that I can be on the call, but I wanted to get some 
work done since I have blocked out this weekend for working on the 
Primer, while I actually have the time (I hope-things are happening 
fast right now). So it also seemed wise to check and see if you guys 
think I am going in the right direction with the work I am sending 
along. I also did not want to clutter up the documents section with 
this, and so did not upload it. I added -r to the end of the filename 
before the suffix to distinguish it.

I did not attempt to describe the out-of-band registration methods or 
the explicit reasons for needing Registration Interface beyond what 
you see, but I did leave an indication that it should be in the space 
represented by ellipses ...

Now, having said all that, I may actually be able to check in while 
the electro-stim cortizone patch treatment is underway if I can snag 
a phone line in the therapy center. Unfortunately, I can't guarantee 
that I will be able to do so, only that I will try.

Sorry, but at least you have something to look at and think about. I 
would very much appreciate it you could either give me a go ahead for 
using the same kind of "Results and Recommendations" Section at the 
end of Section 5 REgistration Interface to lead into Section 6 Markup 
Interface. I would introduce the results of WSRP with and without 
Registration, in or out of band, and the concepts of interaction and 
statefulness that registration begins to imply. However, that may not 
be necessary for going from Registration to Markup or it may not work 
as well as that transition, so if you can give that some thought as 
well, it would be helpful. There's quite a lot of stuff to do in 
Markup so I don't want to add more than I need to.

Lastly, is a Results and Recommendations conclusion appropriate to 
the transition from Service to Registration. Obviously, I thought so, 
but the word Conclusion implied an end rather than the transition and 
Consequences sounded like a lecture on responsibilities.

Rex Brooks
GeoAddress: 1361-A Addison, Berkeley, CA, 94702 USA, Earth
W3Address: http://www.starbourne.com
Email: rexb@starbourne.com
Tel: 510-849-2309
Fax: By Request


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