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wsrp-wsia message

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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Issues agenda for 9/19

Beyond any TC agenda items Thomas would like to cover on Thursday, the
issues planned for discussion are below. Any which engender significant
discussion will be deferred to a later week so that people will have more
than 2 days to consider them.

1. (#1) No need for discussion of SOAP Proxy's
      - More generally, how much should the spec teach general issues
rather than ones specific to WSRP/WSIA?

2. (#7) the Consumer must group together in the same shared context all of
the portlets that it is aggregating on behalf of a single End User session.
     - Suggested addition: If the Consumer has no explicit reason to
provide a different groupID for entities from a given Producer, then it
SHOULD use the same groupID in order to enable Producer mediated sharing.

3. (#10) Collapsing consumerState into consumerHandle
    - Suggest additional verbiage about invariance of handles vs the
variability of state pushed to the Consumer for storage.

4. (#16) Adding "lease" concept for registration
    - Suggest deferring consideration out of v1.0

5. (#42) Why does consumer need to tell producer which extended attributes
it supports?
    - Suggest adding verbiage about cases where data provided at
registration time impacts metadata returned in the context of that

6. (#44) Rename "expires" to "sessionExpires" in ResponseContext
    - Since the sessionID field has been renamed newRefHandle, suggest
renaming this to handleExpires.

7. (#45) Signaling state change in InteractionResponse
   - Suggest adopting the proposed semantics that navigationalState and
entityState are only returned when they change rather than carrying
additional changed flags or requiring Consumers to computationally
determine they have changed.

8. (#48) Should an entity's metadata state that it is cloneable?
   - yes

9. (unassigned) Relation of Portlets, Portlet Instances and Producer
Offered Entities / Consumer Configured Entities
    - Suggest guidance type statements either in the Intro or in the
discussion of cloneEntity(), whichever would provide the appropriate
context for the statements.

Callin info (as per Thomas note ... except the corrected time):
 TIME:         08:00 AM PACIFIC TIME (11:00 Eastern)
 DURATION:     2 hours
 USA Toll Free Number: 877-302-8255
 USA Toll Number: +1 303-928-2609
 PASSCODE: 8814427

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