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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Customization Issue: Entity property representation,serialization, and extensibility

Topic:  customization
Class:  Technical
Title:  Entity property representation, serialization, and extensibility
Document Section: 7 Published State Interfaces and F2F discussions
There has been a lot of discussion on simplifying the representation of the
property values in the interface: a property list, an array, a set of
property elements with values as attributes.

One option is to use <array> wrapper around property lists rather than
<propertylist> for compatibility, but this requires elements of same type.
This seems limiting for extensibility?

Another problem (short term, the sub-group thinks) is that the Axis
implementation default serializer doesn't deal well with attributes: must
use subelements. Do we need to consider this in our specification?

For the getProperties call, it is sufficient at this time to just have an
array of strings that represent property names and is probably the most
efficient. From an extensibility perspective, it may better to atleast have
an array of properties in the signature.

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