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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] WSRP TC Call Minutes Thursday, September 19th 2002

Please find the WSRP TC call minutes attached - Richard, thanks for taking
notes during the issues section of the call.

Lothar, could you please put these Minutes on the web site ?

Best regards,



WSRP TC Call Minutes Thursday, September 19th 2002

WSRP Members

William Cox, Bea                    here

Adrian Fletcher, Bea                here

Gino Filicetti, Bowstreet           not here

Davanum Srinivas, CA                not here

Peter J Quintas, Divine             not here

Alan Kropp, Epicentric              here

Nigel Ratcliffe, Factiva                  here

Aditi Karandika, France Telecom     not here

Madoka Mitsuoka, Fujitsu                  here

Takao Mohri, Fujitsu                not here

Angel Luis Diaz, IBM                not here

Carsten Leue, IBM                   here

Rich Thompson, IBM                        here

Charles Wiecha, IBM                 here

Ron Daniel Jr., Interwoven          not here

Jon Klein, Reed-Elsivier                  not here

Adam Nolen, Reed-Elsivier           not here

David Taieb, IBM                    not here

Petr Palas, Moravia IT              not here

Mark Cassidy, Netegrity             here

Michael Freedman, Oracle                  here

Mike Hillerman, Peoplesoft          not here

Khurram Mahmood, Peoplesoft         not here

Susan Levine, Peoplesoft                  not here

Sasha Aickin, Plumtree              here

Brian Dirking, Stellent             here

Alejandro Abdelnur, Sun             here

Dave Clegg, Sybase                        here

Mark Rosenberg, Tibco               not here

Eilon Reshef, WebCollage                  not here

Tim Granshaw, SAP Portals           not here

Yossi Tamari, SAP Portals           here

Stephen A. White, SeeBeyond         not here

Andreas Kuehne, -                   not here

Eric van Lyndegraf, Kinzan          here

Joe Rudnicki                        here

Andre Kramer                              here

Prospective Members

Shumakher Gennady, SAP              here

Richard Cieply                      here


Ravi Konuro                         here

Monica Martin                       here

Rex Brooks                          here

Accept WSRP Minutes from 3rd Face to Face Meeting

Minutes have been accepted.

Motion to allow the chair to place resolutions up for e-mail votes

Topics to vote on will be put up on the mailing list after Tuesdays
prioritization meetings for voting until the Thursday of the following
The e-mail votes will be counted before the meeting and votes made in the
call will be added.

How do we handle voting on the TC Specification ?

Charlie and Thomas will get Karl Best's advice, an easy option in any case
is for the few WSIA members who are not also WSRP members to join WSRP.

Review schedule proposal and agree on further schedule

Schedule updated as follows:

Sept 27th     Spec Editors provide draft 0.7 for review
Oct 7th       TC has provided all comments on 0.7 draft

Oct 20th      Spec Editors provide draft 0.8 for review

Nov 4th-8th   4th F2F: Resolve remaining tech. issues
              TC by best effort raised all tech. issues for 1.0 Spec

Nov 22nd      Editors finish draft 0.9
              Put under change control

Dec 16th      TC provided all editorial comments on draft 0.9
              Last additional tech issues raised by exception

Jan 7th       Finish draft 0.91 reflecting edit. comments from TC
              Put draft 0.91 on WSRP Web Site to get feedback

Jan 13th-17th 5th F2F: Finalize 1.0 TC Specification
              If time permits discuss 2.0 direction/concepts
              and compliance test kit
              Location: West Coast   Host: tbd

Jan 31st      Release of WSRP 1.0 Technical Commitee Specification

We'll put the 0.7 and all following drafts on the WSRP web site.
We put the issues list on the WSRP web site as HTML.

WSRP Implementations

"Release of WSRP 1.0 Open Source Impl. at Apache" taken out of WSRP
schedule since it is separate from the spec and no to do for the TC.

List companies doing implementations on the web site, the Apache Open
Source implementation will be one of hopefully many.

Issues to be discussed / resolved as of Rich's note:

   Yossi: chapter 1 to verbose, we teach people to much, spec audience
   knows what portals are
   Thomas: we could just refer to white paper in the spec introduction
   instead of having it entirely in there
   Mike: insert appropriate spec oriented introduction instead, add
   explanation of what entities, sessions and stuff we are talking about
   Bill: Introduction should remain for clearance. 2 Parts of spec
   considered not to good. Howevere the tutorial stuff may be moved out.
   Stuff like models, concepts, introduction should remain in spec.
   Thomas: Consensus seems to be that we should rewrite the intro of the
   spec to be more technical than the whitepaper

   Decision: Rewrite intro of the specification so that it is not identical
   with the whitepaper but more technical as needed to understand the spec.

   General: need more clarification on session scopes we define.
   Rich: we should defer it until spec updated and clarified, so people can
   fully understand this issue
   Rich: handles invariant, while states change.
   Currently people need to take a deeper look into it. Defer decision to
   next meeting.
   Rich, Andre, Mike: might be useful but we should defer it for 1.0.
   Put this on the issue list. Vote next thursday whether to defer it or
   Editors need to add clarity to the next draft. Defer decision until
   Mike: prefer sessionExpires, this is more cleaner.
   Rich, Thomas, Carsten: refHandleExpires reflects change to refHandle
   General: not a really big topic.
   Vote on next thursday.
   General: need more discussion. Defer decision after things become
   Rich: not piece of metadata in V1.0
   (unassigned) Relation of Portlets, Portlet Instances and POEs/CCEs
   ran out of time. Discuss this next week

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