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Subject: [wsrp-wsia][I#49] Problem in the the use of multiple descriptionrecords that derive from each other AND [I#93] Payload extensibility mech anism

I#49> Description: The getDescription method's signature returns a
Description object. Normal Stubs that are generated on the basis of the WSRP
WSDL will only serialize the Description part even if the underlying object
is in fact a Service or EntityDescription. We need to merge all information
or establish multiple getDescription signatures

I stumbled on this implementation issue also. However, it works fine .NET to
.NET and for an Axis client to an .NET server. The implication of the
suggested avoidance of this Axis server bug would be to not be able to use
polymorphism anywhere in our interface which would be very limiting. [Adding
a dummy method that actually uses ServiceDescription helped with Sun's
JAX-RPC but not with Axis :-)] 

For getDescription() itself, I would not mind two or even three separate
calls (getServiceDescription(), getEntityDescription() and, possibly, a
polymorphic getDescription() -> DescriptionOrSubClassOf for those able to
cope with WSDL and XMLSchema extension.

I was interested in leveraging such (polymorphism) XML schema extension for
vendor extensibility [I#93] but this is pretty much ruled out by I#49?

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