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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Updated Member List / Next Face to Face Meeting

Dear WSRP / WSIA TC members,

during the last days Lothar and I have updated the WSRP TC member list, see
below - please let me know if there's any mistake.

Also, please inform Lothar on whether you'll attend the next F2F Meeting in
NY in person or by phone if you have not yet done so.

Mike, please use this updated member list when taking roll today ...

TC Chair: Thomas Schaeck, IBM

Stephen Drye, Art Technology Group
William Cox, Bea
Adrian Fletcher, Bea
Gino Filicetti, Bowstreet
Andre Kramer, Citrix
Srinivas Vadhri, CommerceOne
Timothy N. Jones, CrossWeave
Peter J Quintas, Divine
Alan Kropp, Epicentric
Nigel Ratcliffe, Factiva
Madoka Mitsuoka, Fujitsu
Carsten Leue, IBM
Rich Thompson, IBM
Charles Wiecha, IBM
Eric van Lydegraf, Kinzan
Jon Klein, Reed-Elsivier
Adam Nolen, Reed-Elsivier
Petr Palas, Moravia IT
Mark Cassidy, Netegrity
Olin Atkinson, Novell
Chris Brown, Novell
T.J. Cox, Novell
Michael Freedman, Oracle
Mike Hillerman, Peoplesoft
Andrew Sweet, Perficient
Sasha Aickin, Plumtree
Yossi Tamari, SAP Portals
Stephen A. White, SeeBeyond
Ugo Corda, SeeBeyond
Brian Dirking, Stellent
Alejandro Abdelnur, Sun
Dave Clegg, Sybase
Joe Rudnicki, U.S. Department Of the Navy
Eilon Reshef, WebCollage

Prospective Members:
Shumaker Gennady
Rex Brooks
Richard Cieply
Steven Smith

Best regards,


Thomas Schaeck

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