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Subject: RE: [wsrp-wsia] Issues agenda for 9/26 -- Axis,.NET and document /literal

Rich writes:
> 9. (#93) Payload extensibility mechanism
>  - Draft v0.7 explores changing this to the schema <any /> mechanism. This
> appears to require changing to style="document" and encoding="literal".
> Could people explore whether the revised WSDL works with various tools

The attached WSDL files change style to document and (minimally) work in
both Axis and .NET (also includes my previous fixing of the namespacing in
wsdl "import"s). A simple interoperability test showed up a problem in Axis:
Axis client to .NET server is fine, but a .NET client failed for my Axis
server because the generated Axis serialization beans set the namespace to
"" instead of http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/wsrp/wsdl/v1 which
results in <xxx xmlns=""> on the wire. I hacked around this by manually
editing the generated classes just to show the basic interoperability for
document/literal as I had for rcp/encoded previously.

Notes (for those interested):

- these are derived from the old 0.5 wsdl and really could do with a clean
up (featuring The Dirty Dozen - also know as our operations).
- I wrapped a "body" element around all input and output "documents" to
simulate rpc style but these can be removed, e.g. if we only have one
argument or return.
- The SOAP encoding arrays in the interface are gone (good!)
- <any namespace="##other"/> passes wsdl compilation but I have not tested
using it.
- polymorphic results still don't work in Axis (cf returning
ServiceDescription for Description). This is a real shame as this would have
been a better typed extensibility mechanism.
- we are not yet using document style to its full potential. This is just a
first step.

If I have time after the JSR168 f2f I may test anys and attributes (and look
into the Axis bugs) or test with Sun's xrpcc.

DISCLAIMER: Again, these are just test WSDLs.

Hope this helps,

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