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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Voting on TC Specification

Dear WSRP / WSIA TC members,

this is the guidance from Karl Best on how to handle the voting on the WSRP

"There is no Process for joint TC decisions. Under the OASIS TC
Process, TCs can coordinate their work, either informally through
liaisons or formally through a JC, but neither is enforceable upon the
other TC.

I'm a bit wary about how this is proceeding. It appears that the TCs
are starting to merge. A merger doesn't bother me but it should be
formalized (which I think would require either starting a new TC and
shutting down the two originals, or shutting down one and changing the
charter of the other; but note that charters can only be "clarified"
and such a change may be bigger than that. Let's discuss this

So to your question of how to handle this joint vote: My opinion is
that each TC must make its own decision/vote. If the two coincide then
great. If they don't then you'll have to figure out some other way to
go forward -- probably modifying the item being voted upon then taking
another vote on both sides."

So the best option seems to be what we had discussed in a call a while ago
- that the few remaining WSIA members who participate in the joint
discussions and are not already WSRP TC members should join the WSRP TC to
participate in votes on day-to-day issues.

The WSRP TC then has to vote on the WSRP 1.0 specification to accept it as
a WSRP TC spec and the WSIA TC can vote separately to make it into a common
WSRP/IA TC spec.

After the 1.0 spec, we then need to decide how to best go forward and
whether we ultimately want to merge the TCs.

Best regards,


Thomas Schaeck

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