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Subject: RE: [wsrp-wsia] feedback on WSRP 0.8


I would like to second Alejandro's comment below. 

I think it's worth the time to consider how to present the operations
and the structures. One option is to present the operations first and
refer to the data structures below (e.g., provide a concise description
of what a structure *is* without the details). Another option is to
introduce the data structures at first use (and possibly refer to that
first use in other places). I think either way, and potentially better
options that the editors will come up with, will improve the readability
of the document.

My two cents,


General Comments
The spec dives into defining many of the structures without any
functional explanation of their use, kind of a Javadoc. It would help if
we start with the functional description of a operation and then we go
in detail about the data structures the operation uses.

Undefined concepts are used to define new concepts.

People had found it difficult to discuss the operations without the data
structures being known. It also didn't work to intertwine the
introduction of data structures with the operation's description. The
best we have so far is this reference like data structure definition
followed by operational descriptions. </rt>

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