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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [I#140] Internationalization of property and entitydescriptions

Note that this new issue comes with a tentative resolution, outlined below
Status: Tentative Resolve
Topic: customization
Class: Technical
Raised by: Charles Wiecha
Title: Internationalization of property and entity descriptions
Date Added: 3-Nov-2002
Description: Need a common document format for carrying internationalization information for entity and property descriptions
Resolution Date: 21-Nov-2002
Proposed Resolution:
Proposed notation is derived from the xliff standard, but oriented more toward resource descriptions than translation.
<resource resname='...'>
 <value xml:lang='en'>English text</value>
 <value xml:lang='fr'>French text</value>
Example use for property descriptions is:
<model xml:lang="en" localizationURL="...">
   <propertydescription name="p1" type="xsd:string" label="Property 1"
         hint="this is a few sentences for some tooltip"
         label-resname="xyzzy" hint-resname="abccd"/>
<resource resname='xyzzy'>
 <value xml:lang='en'>English property 1 label</value>
 <value xml:lang='fr'>Label de property un</value>
and for Entity descriptions:  (note that this is a change in the entity description format as well)
<entitydescription xml:lang="en" localizationURL="...">
   <shorttitle resname="abc">Short entity title</shorttitle>
   <title resname="xyz">Entity title in english</title>
<resource resname='abc'>
 <value xml:lang='en'>Short entity title</value>
 <value xml:lang='fr'>Title court de l'entity</value>
Gil Tayar

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