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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [I#142] Doesn't CloneEntity have to be in Base interface?

Issue: 142
Status: Active
Topic: interface
Class: Technical
Raised by: Michael Freedman
Title: Doesn't CloneEntity have to be in Base interface?
Date Added: 3-Nov-2002
Document Section:   -
If issue #57 is resolved to keep our current unified refHandle then doesn't this mean that CloneEntity has to be in our Base interface?  The reasoning is that once refHandles exist then CloneEntity has two purposes.  It both clones the entity and clones the refHandle.  This means the following permutations are supported:
a) UserPersistence/Session => clone both entity and session
    b) UserPersisetnce/No Session => clone only the entity
    c) NoUserPersistence/Session => clone only the session
    d) NoUserPersistence/No Session => cloning not supported
Permutation (c) exists if the producer entity isn't clonable but does have/manage transient state.
We currently have cloneEntity in the Entity interface because we felt this operation (and the others in this interface) are only necessary if the entity can be cloned.  However permutation (c) above if a situation where CloneEntity has meaning but doesn't involve cloning the entities persistent state.  Thus making the operation a Base operation.

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