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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Minutes for 11/14 meeting will be posted 11/18

Sorry this will take me the weekend to put together more complete notes.

Here is a short version:

Meeting started at 11:02am (Eastern Time)
No quorum - 21 attended out of 43, thus no votes were taken

Approval for the face-to-face minutes is held-over to the next meeting.

Issue 59 was discussed (Keep the wsdlURL field in ServiceDescription?)
Pros and cons were mentioned.  Rich is going to put together a list of the 
pros and cons for Thomas to send out.  He is going to recommend that the 
vote be taken via email.

Mike brought up an issue - What is the defined behavior when you call 
GetEntityDescription but the user doesn't have access to the entity?  Do we 
return a NULL or a fault?  If so, what should happen?
A brief discussion followed about differentiating between not authorized 
and doesn't exist.

Someone asked when version 0.9 would be out.  Rich said the next version 
would probably be designated 0.85 and would be out next Friday.

For the next meeting we will ask for approving the minutes for the 

Question about changing the meeting schedule to either every other week or 
1 hour instead of 2.  These need to be proposed to Thomas.

Question about the WSIA having separate meetings needs to be proposed to 

Meeting ended at 11:32am (Eastern Time).


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