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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Requirements from WSRP Producers and Consumers.doc

Attached is a 0.1 version of the requirements document requested in the Nov F2F (and which I volunteered to write). When I started writing it, I soon realized that a bulleted list of all MUST, SHOULD, and CAN statements won't really help anybody. What I believe WSRP implementers would have liked is a sort of a primer document that guides them in the task of implementing a WSRP Producer or Consumer.
This primer must include all the MUST/SHOULD/CAN statements (or at least all of the MUST-s, most of the SHOULD-s and some of the CAN-s) and thus fulfills the original document's goal, but must also include a description of scenarios (or maybe use cases?) which the implementer will come across, and which she wishes to understand what to do to implement.
Currently the spec, like most specs, is difficult to fully understand unless you understand it (if you know what I mean :->). I believe this document should be a companion to the spec, much like the XML Schema spec contains the "XML Schema Part 0: Primer" (http://www.w3.org/TR/xmlschema-0/) along with the other parts (e.g. "XML Schema Part 1: Structures in http://www.w3.org/TR/2001/REC-xmlschema-1-20010502/).
This document is still in the early stages. The last scenarios need to be described, and in order to be more of a primer, the introduction needs to be lengthier and the description of the scenarios more detailed.
Tell me what you think (and catch me on any errors),
Gil Tayar
P.S. Mike - you wanted sample XML-s of the messages. Well, you can get them from the document (courtesy of XMLSPY's excellent Schema to XML generator!)

Attachment: Requirements from WSRP Producers and Consumers.doc
Description: MS-Word document

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