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Subject: Re: [wsrp-wsia] [I#178] The Consumer SHOULD NOT use a MODE notspecified in meta- data

The alternative suggestion is the intent currently (at least for me ...), I
think it is important to not weaken the statement about what mode a
Consumer is allowed to set (i.e. must be one the entity said it supports in
its metadata) so that entity will know what to do. This does not imply a
requirement that the Consumer check that the mode is still supported at the
point of usage.

Rich Thompson

                      Gil Tayar                                                                                          
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                                               Subject:  [wsrp-wsia] [I#178] The Consumer SHOULD NOT use a MODE not      
                      12/10/2002 03:18          specified in meta-   data                                                

Issue: 178
Status: Active
Topic: interface
Class: Minor_Technical
Raised by: Eilon Reshef
Title: The Consumer SHOULD NOT use a MODE not specified in meta-data

Date Added: 10-Dec-2002
Document Section:   v0.85/5.1.6
"Current text suggests that the Consumer MUST specify one of the modes from
the entity meta-data. This should probably change into ""SHOULD"" because
the service description may always change unexpectedly (Spec 0.85 Page 35 -
line 18).
alternative would be to add verbiage to the effect that the Consumer MUST
NOT use a mode that the entity has not said it supports. The Producer
SHOULD be prepared to receive a mode it does not currently support as it
may have existed in a previous service description. The Consumer is not
required to get a current snapshot all the time, but must abide by the
snapshot it has.
See #174 for same problem with roles"

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