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wsrp-wsia message

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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Minutes for 12 December 2002 Meeting

<best viewed in courier>

Minutes for WSRP-WSIA Meeting 12/12/2002

WSRP Members In Attendance:
Abdelnur, Alejandro        Sun                  No
Aickin, Sasha              Plumtree     Yes
Atkinson, Olin             Novell               Yes
Blich, Amir                SAP          Yes
Braun, Chris               Novell               Yes
Brooks, Rex                Starbourne   Yes
Clegg, Dave                Sybase               No
Cox, T. J.                 Novell               Yes
Cox, William               BEA          Yes
Dirking, Brian             Stellent     Yes
Drye, Stephen              Art Technology       Yes
Dynin, Jane                Plumtree             No
Filicetti, Gino            Bowstreet            No
Freedman, Michael          Oracle               Yes
Hillerman, Mike            Peoplesoft           No
Jacob, Richard             IBM          Yes
Jones, Timothy             CrossWeave           No
Klien, Jon                 Reed-Elsivier        No
Kramer, Andre              Citrix               Yes
Kropp, Alan                Epicentric   Yes
Leue, Carsten              IBM          Yes
Martin, Monica             Drake Certivo        Yes
Mitsuoka, Madoka           Fujitsu              No
Nolen, Adam                Reed-Elsivier        Yes
Palas, Petr                Moravia IT   Yes
Pugsley, Ken               Peoplesoft   No
Ramesh, Raj                CommerceOne  No
Randhawa, Sunit            Fujitsu              Yes
Ratcliffe, Nigel           Factiva      No
Reshef, Eilon              WebCollage   No
Rudnicki, Joe              U.S. Navy    Yes
Shumaker, Gennady          SAP          Yes
Smith, Steven              Capitol College      Yes
Stanko, Joseph             Plumtree     No
Tayar, Gil                 WebCollage   Yes
Thompson, Rich             IBM          Yes
Tmari, Yossi               SAP Portals  Yes
van Lydegraf, Eric         Kinzan               Yes
Wiecha, Charles            IBM          Yes
Young, Michael             Plumtree     Yes

Prospective Members:
Allamaraju, Subrahmanyam   BEA          Yes
Machak, Dan                Tibco        No

(Q: should I be reporting WSIA members who are not WSRP members?)
27 of 40 members attended the meeting.

Meeting started at 11:03am EST

Last weeks minutes were accepted.

Rich went over the issues left over from last week:

#154 Rename "entity" to "portlet"
        Resolved: rename "entity" to "portlet entity" (matches JSR168).
        No objections

#163 Restructure performInteraction and performBlockingInteraction
        Resolved: Since UpdateResponse contains a superset of the fields in InteractionResponse,
                replace those fields with one that is of type InteractionResponse.
        No objections.

#164 An entity SHOULD support help, and CAN support edit
        Resolved: Drop verbage about supporting optional modes of windows state.
        No objections.

#155 Rename 'FAULT' entityStateChange flag
        Resolved: Rename field "entityState"
        No objections

#184(no number at meeting time)can performInteraction return new navigationalState?
        Raised by Gil. Discussion about if it is a non-blocking action.  Not having the navigationalstate can force some
                existing portals into a bad environment.  Entity developer needs the navigationalstate returned.
                Gil will assign an issue numnber.
        NOT Resolved.

#165 The Consumer should not strip the namespace prefix from form parameters
        Long discussion.  This is tied to issue #179 about roles, which needs to be resolved first.
        NOT Resolved.

#166 Remove the section on load balancing
        Resolution: Incorporate the ideas of this section in the Introduction and drop the section.
        No objections.

#167 userContextID should not be a required field
        Resolution: Make userContextID nillable.  Revisit after looking at roles.
        No objections.

#168 Make wsrp-navigationalState required
        Resolution: Yes.  If missing then the new state is the empty string.  Make consistent with interaction calls.
        No objections.

#169 Does refresh page (F5/Ctrl+R) re-invoke performBlockingInteraction?
        Discussion about it being Consumer specific in the current draft.  Should it be in the draft?
        NOT Resolved.

#173 Add summary of interfaces in beginning of interface chapters
        Discussion about adding a new chapter between current chapters 3 and 4.  Rich will add proposal on email.
        NOT Resolved.

Thomas brought up that we have only 3 Thursday meetings before the next face-to-face and 3-4 large issues. 
Next meeting we will work on the minor issues and identify the major issues.
2 January work on Registration and Roles
7 and 9 January (Tuesday and Thursday) will be 2 hour meetings.

Gil is looking for comments on the primer.

Meeting ended 12:23pm EST


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