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Subject: RE: [wsrp-wsia] [I#187] How does POST data reach the Producer

Actually, in servlets, its very easy to get the body of the request - use
request.getInputStream() and request.getContentType(). Also, determining
which parameters in request.getParameter*() are query parameters and which
are form parameters is an almost impossible job!

As for Andre's use case - nothing stops the portal from sending binary _and_
parsing the data. I just don't think that the spec should deal with it as
_the_ use case for POST. From the specs point of view, this is payload.
Anything else will risk compatibility with future browsers. For example,
what will happen when browsers move to XForm submission? In XForms the data
is not name/value pairs, but rather XML. So, should it be in uploadData or
in the field reserved for the form name/value pairs? If we have only
"payload", we don't even have to answer that question.


-----Original Message-----
From: Subbu Allamaraju [mailto:subbu@bea.com]
Sent: Tue, December 17, 2002 16:16
To: wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [wsrp-wsia] [I#187] How does POST data reach the Producer

I believe Andre's use case is a common one, and I don't think consumers 
can always send the of the body of the request data as is without ever 
parsing it. Why force consumers to always recreate the body?



Andre Kramer wrote:
> If the consumer has already done the work of breaking up the POST data 
> why require that the protocol forwards it as a single entity to the 
> producer? The scheme I submitted would (optionally) allow a processed 
> POST to be forwarded as string/value and mime parts to a producer (who 
> can always convert it to a single multi-part mime if it requires 
> a single binary input.
> An example use case for the consumer processing POST data would be a 
> consumer portal that keeps an audit trail of user submissions.
> regards,
> Andre
>     -----Original Message-----
>     *From:* Eilon Reshef [mailto:eilon.reshef@webcollage.com]
>     *Sent:* 16 December 2002 00:27
>     *To:* wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
>     *Subject:* RE: [wsrp-wsia] [I#187] How does POST data reach the
>     A concrete suggestion follows:
>     The rationale is that POST data should be opaque to the Consumer.
>     Hence, I suggest that we do not require the Consumer to parse the
>     POST data in any way. Instead, the Consumer should pass an argument
>     to the performInteraction operation (and not to the getMarkup). The
>     argument may be called payload. This argument will contain the body
>     of the HTTP request that comes from the browser as-is, excluding the
>     HTTP headers - this should take care of all form POST scenarios,
>     including document upload and general parameters.
>     With this thread of thought, requestParameters are not needed for
>     form POST. They may or may not be needed for form GET (which is a
>     separate issue).
>     Eilon
>         -----Original Message-----
>         *From:* Gil Tayar [mailto:Gil.Tayar@webcollage.com]
>         *Sent:* Sunday, December 15, 2002 1:49 AM
>         *To:* wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
>         *Subject:* [wsrp-wsia] [I#187] How does POST data reach the
>         Issue: 187
>         Status: Active
>         Topic: interface
>         Class: Technical
>         Raised by: Gil Tayar
>         Title: How does POST data reach the Producer
>         Date Added: 15-Dec-2002
>         Document Section:   v0.85
>         Description:
>         This is not made clear. Two suggestions I heard - uploadData and
>         requestParameters. Both have their problems. Maybe something
>         more explicit?
>         Resolution:

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