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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [I#192] SessionContext and Cookies conflict

Issue: 192
Status: Active
Topic: interface
Class: Technical
Raised by: Andre Kramer
Title: SessionContext and Cookies conflict
Date Added: 18-Dec-2002
Document Section:   v0.85/5.1.1
Now that we have fully tied WSRP to HTTP cookies, a consumer has to handle two types of session: cookies returned by initCookie() and SessionContexts returned by markup interface responses. Means double the work for a consumer and likely to lead to errors.
Suggest that no SessionContext can be returned by producer when cookie protocol is "perUser" or "perGroup" (e.g. JSR168 Portlets). No sessionID is then required to be supplied, with cookies in use, by a consumer in RuntimeContext. SessionContext then becomes our (non-http, transport independent) protocol session mechanism if and only if cookie protocol is "none".

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