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Subject: Re: [wsrp-wsia] [I#201] performBlockingInteraction/performInteraction

A few questions (pardon me if these were discussed before):

- What does concurrency mean here? For example, does this apply to *a* 
consumer making concurrent requests to *several* producers (one request 
per producer)?

- Since concurrency is an issue primarily for the consumer, would it not 
be simpler to keep the producer unaware of this?



Eilon Reshef wrote:
> I second that. PerformBlockingX is a misnomer, since the operation 
> itself doesn't block - rather we expect that the Consumer would block, 
> but that's also not true as it may request portlets from other Producers 
> in parallel. Hence, blocking doesn't seem like the right idiom in our 
> concurrent environment.
> I think performInteraction and performConcurrentInteraction make much 
> more sense (though I do think that interaction is better than action, as 
> action implies some high-level (framework-oriented) concept which we 
> don't necessarily provide or promote explicitly).
>     -----Original Message-----
>     *From:* Gil Tayar [mailto:Gil.Tayar@webcollage.com]
>     *Sent:* Wednesday, December 18, 2002 4:04 AM
>     *To:* wsrp-wsia@lists.oasis-open.org
>     *Subject:* [wsrp-wsia] [I#201]
>     performBlockingInteraction/performInteraction
>     Issue: 201
>     Status: Active
>     Topic: interface
>     Class: Minor_Technical
>     Raised by: Andre Kramer
>     Title: performBlockingInteraction/performInteraction
>     Date Added: 18-Dec-2002
>     Document Section:   v0.85/5.3
>     Description:
>     performBlockingInteraction has proved very cumbersome to communicate
>     and we very much want to encourage people to use it over
>     performInteraction. And it still does not mirror JSR168's performAction.
>     Resolution:
>     "Review decision of last f2f based on pedantic feedback:-
>     performAction and
>     performConcurrentAction. Return structures
>     BlockingInteractionResponse, InteractionResponse could become
>     InteractionResponse (blocking inter-action) and ActionResponse
>     (concurrent and blocking actions)."

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