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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] [change request #60] decoding parameters

Document: Spec
Section: 6.1.16
Page/Line: 39/42
Requested by: Michael Freedman
Old text: [Mike ...] 
Proposed text: Common user agents (web browsers) encode posted data in the 
character set of the response that generated the page the form is on.  As 
the Producer is ignorant of this encoding and the Consumer is required to 
encode passed parameters consistently (with the SOAP message), Consumers 
MUST ensure that form data is properly encoded when it is passed to the 
Reasoning: I figure we will debate whether this is a MUST or a SHOULD. 
Problem with SHOULD is that Producers can't be reliably written.  Problem 
with MUST is the Consumer may not be able to always determine what 
character set they received from the user agent.

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