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Subject: Re: [wsrp-wsia] [change request #66] Producer URL writing performanceimpacts

I would vote for removing the sentence. A discussion on performance belongs
to an accompanying document.

Best regards
Carsten Leue

Dr. Carsten Leue
Dept.8288, IBM Laboratory B÷blingen , Germany
Tel.: +49-7031-16-4603, Fax: +49-7031-16-4401

             BM@IBMUS                                                   To 
             01/24/2003 06:10                                           cc 
                                       [wsrp-wsia] [change request #66]    
                                       Producer URL writing performance    

Document: Spec
Section: 10.2.2
Page/Line: 63/17
Requested by: Michael Freedman
Old text: Producers and Portlets ... may provide better page load
performance to the End-User
Proposed text: Remove this sentence or rewrite section to incorporate: "On
the other hand, using Producer URL writing may have a negative impact on
the cachability of content."
Reasoning: Shouldn't encourage folks to use Producer URL writing for
performance reasons as this may have the opposite effect.

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