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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Minutes for 04 March 2003 Meeting (Corrected)

Corrected version
  - fixed the roll call summary
  - change comments on CR 166
WSRP Teleconference Minutes
March 4, 2003

Call Started at 9:07 AM PST

Roll Call
Voting Members:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      yes
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 no
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      yes
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   yes
Atul Batra             Sun                      yes
Amir Blich             SAP                      yes
Chris Braun            Novell                   no
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
T.J. Cox               Novell                   no
William Cox            BEA                      no
Brian Dirking          Stellent                 no
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 yes
Richard Jacob          IBM                      yes
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            yes
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   yes
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Carsten Leue           IBM                      yes
Dan Machak             Tibco                    yes
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  yes
Adam Nolan             Reed-Elsevier            yes
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               no
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  yes
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  yes
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      yes
Steven Smith           Capitol College          no
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              yes
Gil Tayar              WebCollage               no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      yes
Eric van Lydegraf      Kinzan                   no
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      yes

Total voting members:         31
Voting members in attendance: 22 (71%)
A quorum was present.

Members on Leave Of Absence
Raj Ramesh             CommerceOne              LOA
Joe Rudnicki           U.S. Navy                LOA
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      LOA

The corrected minutes from 2/27/03 were accepted

Summary of Change Requests:

175 - Clarify available modes                               ACCEPTED
176 - ID, Key and Handle not used in WSDL                   ACCEPTED
180 - Correct section reference                             ACCEPTED
181 - Reword "block all"                                    ACCEPTED
182 - Clearer definition of extensions field                ACCEPTED
168 - Nil desiredLocales => sendAllLocales?                 ACCEPTED
141 - Add previous windowState and mode?       DEFERRED (Pending JSR)
178 - markupCharacterSet in MarkupContext                   ACCEPTED*
139 - Add optional UpdateResponse.isSecure?    DEFERRED (version 1.1)
166 - Add UserProfile.profileItems?                         ACCEPTED*
194 - P3P alignment                                         ACCEPTED
165 - no userProfile vs no userProfile data    DEFERRED (version 1.1)

* modified - see details below
Small editorial/grammar changes:
 175 - Clarify available modes
   Section 5.1.10 / Page 19 / Line 39
   Adds language for what modes are available and which should be 

 176 - ID, Key and Handle not used in WSDL
   Add comments about why the types Handle, ID and Key are not 
used in the WSDL

 180 - Correct section reference
   Section 3.8 / Page 13 / Line 14 

 181 - Reword "block all"
   Section 3.10 / Page 13 / Line 33
   Proposes rewording in the negative so that the word "block" is 
not used.

 182 - Clearer definition of extensions field
   Section 5.1.6 + many others / Page 17 / Line 41
   Proposal rewords this oft repeated statement.

Resolution: Accepted

 168 - Nil desiredLocales => sendAllLocales?
   Sections 5.2 & 8.2 / Page/Line: 25/23 & 52/17
   Proposal is to drop sendAllLocales in favor of a nil value for 

Resolution: Accepted

 141 - Add previous windowState and mode?
   Section 6.1.2 / Page 26 / Line 46
   This would place the burden of remembering the previous 
windowsState and mode on the Consumer and thereby permit the Portlet 
to know about interesting transitions that do not involve user 
interactions with the Portlet's markup.

Resolution: Deferred (JSR-168 is still defining this behavior)

 178 - markupCharacterSet in MarkupContext
   Section 6.1.10 / Page 31 / Line 26
   Proposal adds this field. Email discussion has suggested 
adding text referencing the RFC for mime types and providing 
an example for declaring the charset.

encoded in content type. Only really needed for binary data, where
the binary data is text.

Resolution: Accepted: Will not be a separate field, but will be 
            provided in content type. Will reference mime-type RFC 
            and provide an example. Will be a MUST for binary data.
            Add language as similar to UploadContext

 139 - Add optional UpdateResponse.isSecure?
   Section 6.1.13 / Page 34 / Line 32
   This would enable the return from performBlockingInteraction() to 
change whether or not the Portlet needs the client page to be secure.

- We not allow a change as a result of an action. Is this an
  oversight or intentional?

Resolution: Defer consideration until 1.1 spec.

 166 - Add UserProfile.profileItems?
   Section 6.1.18 / Page 64 / Line 18
   Proposal is for an explicit mechanism to carry string extensions 
to the UserProfile

Resolution: Accepted. Add comment: A common extension would be to
            send profile values as NamedString type. 

 194 - P3P alignment
   Section 6.1.18 and  11 / Page/Line: 35/49 + pages 68-69
   Notes that the change of the name field to personname was not 
carried throughout

Resolution: Accepted

 165 - Semantics of no userProfile vs no userProfile data
   Section 6.1.19 / Page 39 / Line 22
   Proposal is to inform Portlets when the UserContext is shared 
using a nil userProfile.

Resolution: Defer consideration until 1.1 spec.

Next Meeting:

Thursday March 6
       8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET
       duration: 2 hours

Meeting adjournded at 10:00 AM PST

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