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Subject: [wsrp-wsia] Minutes for 13 March 2003 Meeting

Meeting started at 8:05  PST

Roll Call
Voting Members:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      yes
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 yes
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      yes
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   yes
Atul Batra             Sun                      no
Amir Blich             SAP                      yes
Chris Braun            Novell                   no
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               yes
T.J. Cox               Novell                   no
William Cox            BEA                      yes
Brian Dirking          Stellent                 no
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   yes
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 yes
Richard Jacob          IBM                      yes
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            yes
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   yes
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     yes
Carsten Leue           IBM                      yes
Dan Machak             Tibco                    yes
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  yes
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               yes
Raj Ramesh             CommerceOne              yes
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  yes
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  yes
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      yes
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      yes
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              yes
Gil Tayar              WebCollage               no
Rich Thompson          IBM                      yes
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      yes

Total voting members:          30
Voting members in attendance:  25 (83%)
A quorum was present.

Members on Leave Of Absence
Joe Rudnicki           U.S. Navy                LOA
Steven Smith           Capitol College          LOA
Eric van Lydegraf      Kinzan                   LOA

The minutes from 3/06/03 were accepted

Schedule for finishing the spec (Thomas):

March 26 Deadline for submitting Change Requests

March 27 and April 3 calls  to process these Change requests.

Email vote to commence April 10 and end April 16

The March 26 date is a hard cutoff date, and the other
dates are targets.

Open Issues from January Face-to-Face

Open issue from 1.2.4 for Sasha to provide additional language.
Resolution: no further change needed.

WSDL group to look at an ANY for including arbitrary XML. (Andre)
but this would have negative performance impact.

Also looked at using CDATA. This could be used by Producers
to include XML as well as base64

Resolution: no further change needed.

Renaming MarkupTypeType.  (e.g. MarkupSupport/MarkupFormat)

Resolution: no further change needed.

Summary of Change Requests

 207 - PortletDescription dependent on UserContext?         ACCEPTED
 213 - Require modes/windowstates/userAuth are URIs         ACCEPTED
 215 - Delete statement re: "private conversational state"  ACCEPTED
 230 - Setting navState                                     ACCEPTED
 234 - Delete secion B-1 (relies on "producerAgent")        ACCEPTED
 235 - Custom User Scopes                                   ACCEPTED*
 236 - Name all fields that hold a mime-type to "MimeType"  ACCEPTED
 237 - Common portal interface for control buttons   DEFERRED (email)
 141 - Add previous windowState and mode?            DEFERRED (email)
 138 - How does info get to proxied resources?       DEFERRED (email)

* See details
Summary of Action Items:
 - Michael will provide logical definition of common UI buttons
   for discussion in email (See CR 237)

 207 - PortletDescription dependent on UserContext?
   Section 8.2 / Page 36 / Andre Kramer
   Questions whether getPortletDescription() should take a 
   UserContext parameter

Resolution: Approved: Will add words "access to" after restrict

 213 - Require modes, windowstates & userAuthentication are URIs
   Section 6.1.9 / Page 31 / Line 20 / Rich Thompson
   Proposes the recommendation become a reuirement.

Resolution: Approved. 

There was a general agreement that the spec would use
URIs for window states, modes, user-auth, user-scopes. There
was a disagreement on the conformance level for custom
custom window state, mode, or user-auth, user-scopes. A
vote was taken to determine whether this would be "must"
or "should".

must:   10
should:  6
abstain: 9

Vote details:
Alejandro Abdelnur     Sun                      abstain
Sasha Aickin           Plumtree                 must
Subbu Allamaraju       BEA                      should
Olin Atkinson          Novell                   must
Amir Blich             SAP                      abstain
Rex Brooks             Starbourne               must
William Cox            BEA                      abstain
Michael Freedman       Oracle                   should
Ross Fubini            Plumtree                 must
Richard Jacob          IBM                      must
Jon Klein              Reed-Elsevier            should
Andre Kramer           Citrix                   must
Alan Kropp             Vignette Corporation     should
Carsten Leue           IBM                      must
Dan Machak             Tibco                    must
Madoka Mitsuoka        Fujitsu                  must
Petr Palas             Moravia IT               abstain
Raj Ramesh             CommerceOne              should
Sunit Randhawa         Fujitsu                  abstain
Nigel Ratcliffe        Factiva                  should
Thomas Schaeck         IBM                      abstain
Gennady Shumaker       SAP                      abstain
Yossi Tamari           SAP Portals              abstain
Rich Thompson          IBM                      must
Charles Wiecha         IBM                      abstain

 215 - Delete statement about "private conversational state"
   Section 6.1.19 / Page 38 / Line 19 / Rich Thompson
   Suggests deleting this statement as it is either incomplete 
   or wrong.

Resolution: Approved

 230 - Setting navState
   Section 6.1.9 / Page 30 / Line 24 / Andre Kramer
   Be more explicit about how navState is set.

Resolution: Approved

 234 - Delete secion B-1 (relies on "producerAgent")
   Section: Appendix B.1 / Page 77 /Line 5 / Michael Freedman

Resolution: Approved

 235 - Custom User Scopes

Resolution: Approved 
    - will drop custom user scope field in description.
    - Consumer enumerates what it supports of the scopes defined
      in spec.
    - Absense of values makes no statement about whether 
      caching is actually available or not.

 236 - Name all fields that hold a mime-type to "MimeType"

Resolution: Approved

 237 - Portlet Control of user interface for control buttons

Rich broke this down into 2 separate parts:

1. Definition of basic buttons, including semantics of these buttons
2. Definition of CSS rules for each of these buttons. (could
   introduce explosion in number of CSS classes, for different
   states of the buttons.)

Mike: will propose a logical definition of buttons needed and
these will be discussed in the email list.

 141 - Add previous windowState and mode?

Resolution: Will be discussed further in email, particularly the
   requirements outlined in Michael's email (3/12) on the subject.

 138 - How does info get to proxied resources?

Question: do we want to get this into version 1.0 of the spec.
Micheal feels that this would be needed in 1.0 only for support
of JSR-168. If that 


All subgroups will wait until after the spec is complete before
resuming teleconferences.

Next Meeting:

Thursday March 20
       8:00 am PST / 11:00 am EST / 5:00 pm CET
       duration: 2 hours

Meeting officially adjournded at 10:09 AM PST

Conversation continued on CR 138 amongst some members.

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