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Subject: [wsrp] Agenda for tomorrow's joint interface telecon

I've enclosed (for those who haven't seen them before) the latest working
version of the WSIA Embedded use case, and set of UI abstractions that we
discussed last week.  This should be a good starting point for fleshing out
the characteristics of the joint interface.  We may wish to limit our
initial discussions to the Embedded case as we're ramping up, before
expanding the discussions to consider elements of the Customized case.

Here's a rough outline of the work this group should focus on, additions and
suggestions are of course welcome:

0.  Embedded service/portlet lifecycle.  Need to consider
stateful(less)ness, session management, etc.  What should be the lifecycle
characteristics of an Embedded service, and more specifically, the lifecycle
characteristics of the portal/portlet or container/portlet interaction? 

1.  Service adaptation mechanism.  We need to determine if this is
property-driven, parameter-driven, or both.  In Friday's telecon, there was
discussion around considering the parameter-driven mechanism for generic
adaptations, while relying on properties to do producer-specific adaptation.
This may also form the line of demarcation between the Embedded and
Customized use cases.

1A. As a special case of service adaptation, how is URL rewriting to be
handled?  By the provider, the consumer, or both?  URL "rewriter" specified
by property, also need a convention to specify tokens for rewriting in the
producer response.  

2.  Default set of generic properties.  See section 7 in the Embedded
document for the working set we've come up with so far.

3.  Default set of common look and feel abstractions.  This is the other
attached document, a work-in-progress that lists the common abstractions
(e.g. CSS classes) that group members have been working with in their own
products.  This list will need to be normalized once there are enough
submissions.  Question:  is this set shared up the hierarchy of WSIA use

Talk to you tomorrow, 9am PST.


 <<WSIA Embedded Use Case.DOC>>  <<CSS classes_modified.doc>> 

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