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Subject: [wsrp][markup] First conference call


Since we didn't officially set a time for our first conference call during
the face to face meeting, I'd like to propose our first conference call for
this Friday, April 5th at, 11am EST, 8am PST and 6pm CET.... 
Currently, we do not have any members in Germany, so we might be more
flexible on the time... However, I think it might be useful to have someone
who worked on IBM's demo implementation on the phone this time (and maybe
even part of the group permanently) such as Carsten... Knowing more about
the challenges faced in that initial implementation would be a good starting
point for us.
David has come up with a few topics that we should start initial discussion
on during the call:
            -CSS Style: naming standards, modularisation, themes, ...
            -Markup rules : (HTML, WML, CHTML)
            -Scripting rules and conventions (JavaScript, VBScript, ???)
            -Namespace encoding rules 
            -Developer guidelines ?
There may be some overlap here with the work that other groups will be doing
and if so, we need to iron that out as well. I know Michael has included
almost all of these points in his list of topics for the initial con call of
the interfaces and protocols sub-committee.
Please let me know if the proposed time is acceptable and I will go ahead
and schedule the conference call.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 
Gino Filicetti | Software Engineer 
One Harbour Place, Portsmouth, NH 03801 
T 603.559.1692 | gfilicetti@bowstreet.com 
w w w . b o w s t r e e t . c o m 

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