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Subject: [wsrp][pfbm] -- Getting started

Note: [PFBM] is short for [Publish, Find, Bind, and Meta-data]

Folks,  in particular Mark Cassidy, Jeff Broberg, Petr Palas, its time
to get ourselves organized and going.  At the face-to-face we decided
not to schedule regular conference calls -- but didn't really discuss
how we would begin.  Any suggestions?  Did you like the approach I took
with [interfaces and protocols]? Namely, attempt to categorize the
problem space and pose the questions we need to begin discussing?  If so
would someone like to make a stab at this to get us started?  Other

I also am interested in what work product(s) you think we should
produce.  Is our first task (once we understand what questions we are
answering) to write a requirements doc? If so do we stop there?  Do we
also try and move from requirements to spec?


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