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Subject: Re: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: First concall

I added some comments to the proposed agenda in blue.

Best regards
Carsten Leue

Dr. Carsten Leue
Dept.8288, IBM Laboratory B÷blingen , Germany
Tel.: +49-7031-16-4603, Fax: +49-7031-16-4401

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Thanks for your comments.  I will rework/reorganize the document a little
to reflect these comments.  In reviewing a number of them I realized there
is a basic area being left out -- namely trying to capture all the things
we think a portal needs to ask a portlet to do.  My list assumes a number
of things a portal requests (but it by no means complete).  I think I would
prefer to change the agenda of the meeting a little for tomorrow:

a) Find someone to take minutes/notes. [5 min]
b) Discuss scope/focus of group [10 min]
    -- I propose this group focus on defining and specifying:
       a) the things a portal needs to ask a portlet to do.
       b) the things a portlet needs to ask a portal to do (if anything).

    -- I suggest that the details of such items such as URL rewriting and
namespace encoding be handled by the Markup subgroup, with
consideration/influence brought by us where necessary.

c) Brainstorm (and capture) all the things we think a portal needs to ask a
portlet to do. [40 min]

d) Meeting summary/next steps. [5 min]
    -- depending how the brainstorm goes my best guess is we will have
general terminology/model issues to focus on and/or we can move on to the
step I originally proposed for this week; namely begin to identify the
questions we need to answer for each of the discrete operations portals
request of portlets.

To prime the pump for the brainstorming session here is a preliminary list:

What does a portal ask a portlet to do?
      activate/become registered
      describe its capabilities/how it wants or needs to be managed
      discuss wether this information is statically provided in the
metadata or requestable at runtime
      create a portlet template instance
      Do we really need templates? What is a template other than a portlet
instance that is not displayed? Wouldn't the ability to clone a porltet
achieve the same effect?
      customize a portlet template instance
      see above
      clone and/or copy a portlet template
      delete a portlet template
      create a portlet instance
      customize a portlet instance
      would this be part of the interface or would it be up to the porltet
to display a configuration screen? The later would simplify things a lot.
      render a portlet instance
      describe the portlet instance (about)
      get help from the portlet instance
      see above, why not leave it to the portlet to display help
      ask a portlet instance to perform/take note of an action
      ask a portlet instance to respond to an event
      What's the difference between event and action. Would an action be
user initiated and an event system initiated? In my opion the later is an
orthogonal functionality. This could be provided by exposing a second event
handling interface that is not part of WSRP (e.g. the WSIA event handling
      clone and/or copy a portlet instance
      What's the difference between clone and copy?
      convert a portlet instance into a portlet template
      delete a portlet instance
      update description of capabilities
      deactivate/become unregistered
      Discuss if it should be possible to use one porltet instance from
      multiple aggregators (referencing instead of cloning). In this case
      we would need the concept of reference counting (e.g. a user would
      like to have his mail porltet with the identical status integrated
      into his portal at work and at home).

      From my point of view we should try to keep the functionality of WSRP
      as simple as possible. Fancier functionality (e.g. event handling)
      could be added on top using otthogonal interfaces. The easier the
      interface and protocoll is the sooner it will be adopted by "the rest
      of the world".



Alan Kropp wrote:
       Some additional comments on the interface discussion points Mike
      circulated earlier.Alan
            -----Original Message-----
            From: MICHAEL.FREEDMAN [mailto:MICHAEL.FREEDMAN@oracle.com]
            Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2002 10:45 AM
            To: wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
            Cc: michael.freedman@oracle.com
            Subject: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: First concall

                Our first concall for the Interfaces and Protocols
            meeting is Thursday April 4th at 8am PST, 11am EST, 6pm CET and
            1 am in
            Japan.  Note:  I believe Europe switches to daylight saving
            time this
            weekend.  The US switches next weekend.  Hence Germany is 10
            ahead of US west coast time next week.

            Conference call details:
                 In the US: 877-302-8255
                 Outside US: +1 303-928-2609

            When you dial in you will be asked for a "conference id".

            The conference id is:  8814427

            This is a permanent id.  It will be used for all subsequent

            I propose the following agenda for the conference call on April
            1) Identify someone to take/publish call minutes. (Note: it
            really be helpful if someone volunteered before the 4th so we
            merely do introductions and move on.  Any takers?  Anyone
            to do at least a month rotation?)

            2) Identify discussion topics and set priorities.
            I propose our first call concern itself with breaking the area
            into a
            set of discrete discussion topics, identifying the
            questions that need to addressed in these areas, and setting an
            for discussion.  The later is intended to lay out on order for
            on conference calls.  Hopefully, e-mail discussions in all
            areas will proceed in parallel.

            Does this seem reasonable for a first conference call?  Are
            additional/different things we should talk about?

            To preseed the discussion on Thursday I have attached a
            document with a
            list of possible topic categories and series of questions to
            answer that I culled from the various discussions from last
            week.  If
            possible please send me your ideas/comments before Thursday so
            I can
            update the preliminary agenda/document.

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