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Subject: RE: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: First concall

Can a Portal ask a Portlet instance to 'call' another Portlet Instance? How does the original Portal retain control, and What kind of identifiers should be embedded in?
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From: Michael Freedman [mailto:Michael.Freedman@oracle.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 03, 2002 6:31 PM
To: Michael.Freedman@oracle.com
Cc: wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: First concall

Thanks for your comments.  I will rework/reorganize the document a little to reflect these comments.  In reviewing a number of them I realized there is a basic area being left out -- namely trying to capture all the things we think a portal needs to ask a portlet to do.  My list assumes a number of things a portal requests (but it by no means complete).  I think I would prefer to change the agenda of the meeting a little for tomorrow:

a) Find someone to take minutes/notes. [5 min]
b) Discuss scope/focus of group [10 min]
    -- I propose this group focus on defining and specifying:
       a) the things a portal needs to ask a portlet to do.
       b) the things a portlet needs to ask a portal to do (if anything).
    -- I suggest that the details of such items such as URL rewriting and namespace encoding be handled by the Markup subgroup, with consideration/influence brought by us where necessary.

c) Brainstorm (and capture) all the things we think a portal needs to ask a portlet to do. [40 min]

d) Meeting summary/next steps. [5 min]
    -- depending how the brainstorm goes my best guess is we will have general terminology/model issues to focus on and/or we can move on to the step I originally proposed for this week; namely begin to identify the questions we need to answer for each of the discrete operations portals request of portlets.

To prime the pump for the brainstorming session here is a preliminary list:

What does a portal ask a portlet to do?


Alan Kropp wrote:

 Some additional comments on the interface discussion points Mike circulated earlier.Alan
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Sent: Sunday, March 31, 2002 10:45 AM
To: wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
Cc: michael.freedman@oracle.com
Subject: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: First concall
    Our first concall for the Interfaces and Protocols subcomittee
meeting is Thursday April 4th at 8am PST, 11am EST, 6pm CET and 1 am in
Japan.  Note:  I believe Europe switches to daylight saving time this
weekend.  The US switches next weekend.  Hence Germany is 10 hours 
ahead of US west coast time next week.

Conference call details:
     In the US: 877-302-8255
     Outside US: +1 303-928-2609

When you dial in you will be asked for a "conference id".

The conference id is:  8814427

This is a permanent id.  It will be used for all subsequent conference

I propose the following agenda for the conference call on April 4th:
1) Identify someone to take/publish call minutes. (Note: it would 
really be helpful if someone volunteered before the 4th so we can
merely do introductions and move on.  Any takers?  Anyone willing
to do at least a month rotation?)

2) Identify discussion topics and set priorities.
I propose our first call concern itself with breaking the area into a
set of discrete discussion topics, identifying the basic/initial
questions that need to addressed in these areas, and setting an order
for discussion.  The later is intended to lay out on order for follow 
on conference calls.  Hopefully, e-mail discussions in all topical
areas will proceed in parallel.

Does this seem reasonable for a first conference call?  Are there
additional/different things we should talk about?

To preseed the discussion on Thursday I have attached a document with a
list of possible topic categories and series of questions to
answer that I culled from the various discussions from last week.  If
possible please send me your ideas/comments before Thursday so I can 
update the preliminary agenda/document.

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