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wsrp message

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Subject: RE: [wsrp][pfbm] -- Getting started

We may be talking of two different problems here ...

1. How to find WSRP services in
1a) Public UDDI - WSRP TC to publish WSDL interface definition, the
resulting WSRP tModelKey to be used for searching for WSRP services in the
public UDDI

1b) Private UDDIs - If the UDDI allows a WSDL to be registered under a
given tModel, use the same one under which the WSRP interface is registered
in the public UDDI. If the private UDDI in use would not allow this, the
WSRP WSDL would have to be published and the resulting locally valdi WSRP
tModel would have to be used in the scope of the intranet.

2. How to advertise a service both public and private - To publish a WSRP
service in the public directory, publish under your business and the WSRP
tModelKey. To publish a WSRP service in the private UDDI, publish under
your business and the WSRP tModelKey valid in the scope of the private UDDI
to which you publish (which should be the same as in the global UDDI)

I think we probably should start taking this down in two paragraphs as a
basis for more detailled discussion and later input for the spec (To
publish a WSRP service, the producer does ..., To find a WSRP service, the
consumer ...).

Carsten, I know you have implemented something very similar in you job, -
could you please take a first cut at writing up the detailled steps for
publishing a WSRP service and finding a WSRP service in UDDI ?

I think the search order of a portal (lookup in private, then in public,
etc) would be out of the scope of the standard. (Nevertheless interesting)
This would be up to the implementation of portral servers.

Best regards,


bill parducci <bill@parducci.net> on 04/05/2002 06:23:10 AM

Please respond to bill parducci <bill@parducci.net>

To:    jbroberg@silverstream.com
cc:    Thomas Schaeck/Germany/IBM@IBMDE, wsrp@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject:    RE: [wsrp][pfbm] -- Getting started

my guess is that the same service will have multiple entries (one public
and one private) much how dns works today for web servers. this only
solves the issue of allowing external entities to locate a shared
service, not allowing internal clients access to both communities
(unless i am mistaken about the lack of passthourgh queries: search
local then remote, as is the case with dns)


On Thu, 2002-04-04 at 19:51, Jeff Broberg wrote:
> I was just trying to find a way so that the model works the same in both
> intranet where the corporation maintains its own uddi registries, and
> it potentially exposes some of its services to external ones.

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