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Subject: [wsrp][interfaces and protocols]: Agenda for 4/11

   For Thursday conference call I would like to go over the operations I identified in the e-mail I sent last Saturday and classify each by answering the following two questions:

Axis 1:  Is this a valid Portal operation that may need to interact via WSRP with a portlet?

     Yes, we all agree this a valid operation
     No, we all agree this is not a valid operation
     Maybe, there is debate whether this is a valid operation.
     Don't know, we need more information and discussion to understand the operation before classifying it.

Axis 2: Should this operation be covered/enabled by our spec?

     Yes, we all agree.
     Yes, but it should be addressed in a later revision.
     No, we all agree.
     Maybe, there is debate whether we should address this.
     Don't know, we need more information to decide.

During the call there will be opportunities to request clarifications as well as introduce new (unidentified) operations.  To facilitate the meeting could each of you make your own pass over the list and mark each with how you would answer the 2 questions?

Here is the list:

State 0:  Portlet Service Unknown

You can bind to a service (see State 1).

State 1:  Portlet Service becomes known

Portlet Service Operations:
State 2: Portlet Service Active
Portlet template operations: Portlet instance operations: Portlet service operations:
State 3: Portlet Service Inactive
Portlet service operations:
Random state: Portlet Service upgraded
Portlet service operations
The conference call details are the same as last week:
     US toll free: 877-302-8255
     Outside US: +1 303-928-2609

     Conference ID: 8814427

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