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Subject: [wsrp] txt version of News Feed Use Case

Apparently I'm having a few difficulties getting the doc/html attachments to
hit the email alias without mangling (which is a little confusing as my cc'd
email is delivered correctly). So rather than continuing to pollute
everyone's mailbox, I'm just sending a text version along for the moment.


Use Case Report: News Feed

Version <1.0>

Revision History
News Feed Use Case
Adam Nolan

Table of Contents
1.	Definition of the News Feed use case	2
2.	Actors	2
3.	Flow of Events	2
3.1	Basic Flow	2
3.2	Alternative Flows	3
4.	Diagrams	4
4.1	Relationship between News Feed web service and Portlet Container
5.	PreConditions	4
5.1	Preexisting business relationship	4
6.	PostConditions	4
6.1	Minimal Security Exposure	4

Use Case Report: News Feed
1. Definition of the News Feed use case
Definition:  The consuming application (portlet container) will utilize a
refresh mechanism to simulate push behavior from the producer (news feed
service).  The interaction between the portlet container and the news feed
service will use a subscription model.   A set of news citations
corresponding to personalized topics will be presented to the End-User at
regular intervals.  Upon selecting a citation, the corresponding document
will be presented to the End-User in a customizable format.

2. Actors
There are four actors in this use case:
- News feed web service: producer of content to be displayed within portlet
- Portlet Container: instantiates and controls interaction with one or more
news feed services on behalf of End-Users
- Administrator: a person who instantiates and configures news feed web
services on behalf of End-Users
- End-User: a person who interacts directly with the output of the portlet
3. Flow of Events
3.1 Basic Flow 
3.1.1 Admin instantiates News Feed Portlet
Portlet Administrator finds remote news feed portlet service in UDDI, places
portlet on a page for all users, uses the portlet's edit mode to configure
the default behavior of the portlet for the Consumer's page, persistently
saves the configured portlet.  End-User accesses page and views/interacts
with displayed output. 
* The Portlet Administrator configuration of the news feed will be dependent
upon a pre-established business relationship between the Service Provider
and the enterprise hosting the Portlet Container. [note: sufficient
information/contacts to establish business relationship will be provided by
either the UDDI or the web service]
* The business relationship will be represented by an Administrator Login
transmitted via secure transport to the News Feed Service, and setup via the
administrator edit mode.
* There will exist two distinct edit modes, one exposed to the Administrator
and one exposed to the End User. Those preferences set up by the
administrator are the Default Preferences. 
* Content will be cached for a predetermined period of time, established via
the Administrator edit mode.  
* Upon expiration of the cache, the Portlet Container shall request an
updated list of news citations from the News Feed Service, passing along the
End Users ID, Administrator Login, and portlet preference parameters over
secure transport.
3.1.2 End-User Interacts with News Feed Portlet
End-User views citations, retrieves documents and sets preferences for the
News Feed Portlet
* End-User can override a subset of the default preferences setup by the
administrator via an End-User edit mode available in the portlet. Some of
these preferences may include update frequency, news topics to display,
setting up additional news topics, and display formats of topic lists and
* End-User can select a given topic citation, this will result in a request
to the portlet container to retrieve the document. 
* Upon document retrieval, the End-User ID/Administrator Login and
preference information will be communicated over secure transport to the
news feed service. [note: alternatives to secure transport may exist
including encoded cookies or other ciphered temporary tokens which embed the
UserID/Administrator Login data]
* Document will be presented to the End-User based on default/End-User

3.2 Alternative Flows
3.2.1 Portlet Container Forwards News Feed to an external Consumer
The End-User will access the News Feed service via an intermediate Portlet
Container, acting as a web service proxy for the originating news feed
* This proxy relationship will not be transparent to the originating
service, meaning that additional business rules may need to be applied to
realize this trust relationship.  
* The simplifying assumption is made that a sufficient criteria to realize
this additional trust relationship shall be a "not final destination" flag
which shall be passed on all requests to the news feed web service by the
intermediary portlet container.  
* Other than this additional flag, the communication between the
intermediary container and the news feed web service is identical to that
described in the Basic Flow, other than the End-User ID now pertains to the
End-User of the final consuming application. 

4. Diagrams
4.1 Relationship between News Feed web service and Portlet Container 

5. PreConditions
5.1  Preexisting business relationship
The Business relation is established before any content is made available to
the Portlet Container. This business relationship will be fully encapsulated
via a single login, i.e. the news feed web service will be responsible for
determining access rights based on its own data store.  These relationship
rules will include subscription model (billing, data sources, maximum users
allowed, preference data, etc.)

6. PostConditions
6.1 Minimal Security Exposure
No information must be exposed to End-User that would allow access to the
news feed web service outside of the portlet container environment, (i.e.
Administrator login which encapsulates the trust relationship will not be
exposed to End-User.)

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