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Subject: [wsrp] [wsrp-wsia joint interfaces] Status,call-in numbers for Tuesday 23 April

At the second WSIA f2f last week, we discussed requirements from the
Embedded and Customized use cases in detail.  We also discussed the mission
of the joint interfaces group in the period before the first WSRP/WSIA joint
f2f in June.

This group is now focused on the goal of an initial (rough) draft
specification, based on the requirements from the Embedded use case and
parallel requirements from WSRP.  We are aiming for a delivery date to
coincide with the June f2f.

We will continue our weekly Tuesday concalls, as scheduled.  9am PST, 12pm
EST, call-in numbers the same as before (included at the end of this

At the meeting, Rich, Rex, Pete (and/or Bob Serr), Sasha, Monica, Gil,
Srinivas, and Aditi either indicated they'd like to be involved, or are
already participants in the group's efforts to date.  On the WSRP side, we
have Thomas, Carsten(?), as well as those who are members of both (If I've
missed anyone, let me know).  However, I should emphasize that any member of
either committee is welcome to contribute, and the group's discussion
threads and minutes will continue to be open to all. 

Tuesday's call will focus on:
1.  The ever-popular (and hopefully revolving) role of minutes taker
2.  Summary of WSIA f2f
3.  High-level walk through the requirements
4.  Division into task groups
5.  Other items?  

Call-in numbers:
 USA Toll Free Number: 877-718-0936
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-923-6878


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