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Subject: [wsrp][interfaces] Agenda for 5/2

Summary from last weeks meeting:

Agenda for 5/2:
Discuss the following topics/questions:
1) Last week we said that a portlet service is a container of portlets (which themselves are not services).  This lead us to identify the requirement that when we make requests to the service that we must be able to identify portlet the request pertains to.  Are there any specific requirements for this identify other then its (a) discoverable from portlet service meta data and (b) unique within the scope of the service?  I.e. do we want to say anything about whether its a numeric value, a string, or an URL?  Or do we want to leave it up to the spec leads to make a proposal when they spec from our requirements?

2) Continue discussing and answering the posted questions.  I hope we can make it through the questions under the heading "Portal registers itself with the portlet service".


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