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Subject: Re: [wsrp][markup] Minutes for 5/8/02 conference call

The set of tags has been chosen relative to whether they allow for the
construction of an aggregated page, not for whether they would make it
difficult to make the composite page look reasonable. Are you advocating a
"best practices" commentary as well that further discourages additional
tags? (and are there others beyond iframe?)

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                                                 Subject:  Re: [wsrp][markup] Minutes for 5/8/02 conference call   

Hi Folks,

Just a little question:  I was loooking at the list of disallowed and
discouraged tags and I couldn't find IFRAME (in-line frame) tag in the two
lists.  Allowing IFrame has a lot of the same disadvantages as smple
frames.  Why is that alowed?  Note that portlets can submit form with their
own iframes as targets.  Also just like freames, iframes have their own
history (in most browsers).  Except for the positioning problem that
regular frames have, all other disadvantages of using frames are shared by
iframes too.



Khurram Mahmood

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Minutes for 5/8/02 conference call
                      05/08/2002 01:41


Please find attached the minutes for the latest conference call of the
Markup subcommittee. The agenda we followed appears below.

David Taieb will be updating our master document to capture the progress
that was made in today's call and will be sending that out for review in
next few days.


> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Markup Tags
> ~~~~~~~~~~~
> - The list of DISALLOWED and DISCOURAGED tags for HTML and
> XHTML Basic are
> as follows:
>   Disallowed: base, body, frame, frameset, head, html, title
>   Discouraged: link, meta, style
> XHTML Basic:
>   Disallowed: base, body, head, html, title
>   Discouraged: link, meta
> - Question: What does it mean for a tag to be DISALLOWED?
> Does the inclusion
> of a disallowed tag invalidate the whole markup fragment?
> Style sheets
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - This is the full list of styles submitted by Alan Kropp
> (WSUI) and Thomas
> Schaeck
> (WSP) organized into groupings:
> Fonts:
> wsui-font
> wsui-font-small
> wsui-font-large
> wsui-dim
> wsui-dim-small
> wsui-error
> wsui-error-small
> wsui-ok
> wsui-ok-small
> wsui-form-label
> portletText
> portletSmText
> portletTinyText
> buttonText
> fieldErrorText
> Tables:
> wsui-table
> wsui-table-row-header
> wsui-table-row-sectionheader
> wsui-table-row-odd
> wsui-table-row-even
> tableHead
> tableText
> tableShdRow
> Sections:
> wsui-section-title
> wsui-trail
> wsui-trail-current
> portletTitle
> portletTitleCust
> portletHead
> portletBody
> portletBack
> General:
> wsui-page-title
> wsui-block-bgcolor
> portletColorBack
> Menus:
> wsui-menu
> wsui-menu-current
> - we need to come up with a naming convention, and rename all styles
> - we need to trim the list and delete duplicates
> - Question: Should the spec provide a default set of values
> for the styles,
> or just
> the names and a description of the styles themselves?
> Secure Resources
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - How do we deal with signed java applets, images and other
> resources that
> the client may not have access to?
> Two approaches envisioned...
> 1. The aggregrator proxies the request from the client to the
> remote portlet
> and proxies back the resource to the client.
> 2. The aggregrator caches the resource from the remote
> portlet and serves it
> to the client.
> - We need to come up with pros and cons of each approach.
> - Also open to any other approaches that people may come up with.
> URL Rewriting and Namespace Encoding
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - go over the following 3 scenarios, and come up with a list
> of pros and
> cons
> Scenarios:
> 1. Aggregator sends a prefix w/ request and portlet must use
> it to do the
> URL boundary demarcation. The aggregator then parses the
> markup looking for
> the prefix it provided.
> 2. All portlets use a predefined prefix which is part of the spec to
> demarcate URL boundaries. The aggregator then parses the
> markup looking for
> the well known prefix.
> 3. The aggregator automatically parses markup and
> heuristically determines
> URL boundaries and does the necessary rewriting automatically.
> - Question: Will namespace encoding use the same method as
> URL encoding? Are
> there any specific differences between the two?
> - Question: Should we mandate the elements that should be
> namespace encoded
> or leave it up to the portlet developers to decide? Problem:
> If we mandate
> the elements, then the spec will need to be constantly
> updated to support
> new technology and we would have to explicitly cover a good portion of
> existing scripting languages, markup languages etc....
> Leadership Succession
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> - Due to increasing time constraints and an ever tightening
> schedule, I'm
> going to have to relinquish my duties as the leader of this
> sub-committee. I
> fully intend to remain an active member of this group and to
> help out as
> much as I can, but I'm afraid I just can't dedicate the time
> necessary to
> staying on top of all the discussion, making the concall
> agendas and leading
> the discussion on the phone. We can, however, continue to use
> Bowstreet's
> conference call facilities (which includes nice things such as call
> recordings to facilitate minute taking) indefinitely.
> - I'd like to select the new leader during this call and
> transfer over the
> leadership of the calls starting with our subsequent conference call.

(See attached file: MarkupSubcommittee050802.htm)

#### MarkupSubcommittee050802.htm has been removed from this note on May 09
2002 by Rich Thompson

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