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Subject: [wsrp][security] minutes from 5/22 telecon

are attached.  

To continue the discussion where we left off in the telecon, we're trying to
identify use cases for standard access control roles.  One approach is to
take an inventory of what the access control roles are that various portal
products understand and see if there are any commonalities.   Following is a
summarized view of the access control roles that Netegrity's portal
understands relating to portlets, and behavior associated with these roles.
Others in WSRP who have portal products, please share your views on this so
we can determine whether there's enough in common to consider standardizing
any specific roles.

1.  Portal administrator: 
  - installs/uninstalls and categorizes portlets(i.e. portlet types)
  - configures portlet parameters that are global to all instances
  - grants permissions to create portlet instances
  - delegates control of configuration/permissions settings to others
2. Owner/Page designer: 
  - creates portlet instances on portal pages
  - has full control over the instance, including:
	o delete the instance
	o default parameter settings(non-global parameters)
	o grants permissions to view the instance, modify its settings, and
delegating control of these functions to others

3. Instance administrator:  
  - can view the instance
  - can modify settings & permissions as delgated by Owner.

4. Viewer:  
  - can view the portlet's content.  May or may not be able to personalize
depending on permissions granted.
 <<wsrp security minutes 522.htm>> 

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